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About Maple Hill

First Day Red Carpet
First Day Red Carpet

Maple Hill Elementary School is a K-4 building in Naugatuck, CT.  There are 456 students enrolled as of July 1, 2015. 

We look forward to our Annual Red Carpet event on September 2, 2015.  Come join the paparazzi during this exciting time! 

The first day is a full day of school.  The hours are 8:55 a.m. until 3:25 p.m. daily unless noted on school calendar. 

Naugatuck Public Schools Mission Statement 2014

Our Mission is to develop students who:


·        Are responsible and engaged community members


·        Demonstrate initiative, persistence and adaptability


·        Are curious and value risk-taking as part of the learning process


·        Access and analyze information and formulate opinions


·        Communicate effectively


·        Work individually and on teams to solve real world problems


Image for SRBI

Dear Parent (s)/ Guardian(s),

This school year, the Naugatuck Public Schools is implementing a Scientifically Researched Based Intervention (SRBI) program in all K-8 schools that will provide support and instruction to all children.  The state has developed a framework for all towns to use when developing their program.  The SRBI framework has three "tiers."  Each tier provides differing kinds and degrees of support.   In Tier 1, all children receive high quality instruction in the general education curriculum and classroom or program.  In Tier 2, the program provides help for children who need additional support within the general curriculum.   In Tier 3, the program provides more individualized instruction for children who need the most support.  

There are three main components of SRBI:  screening, intervention and progress monitoring.  First, students are assessed three times per year to identify strengths and weaknesses.  Next, interventionists provide students with instruction that targets areas of weakness.  Finally, the progress of these students is monitored regularly in order to quantify a student's rate of improvement or responsiveness to instruction.  If the rate of progress is not satisfactory, another instructional strategy is implemented and monitored for effectiveness.

At Maple Hill School, we are implementing our SRBI program with an "all hands on deck" approach.  Each morning, faculty and staff members in the building support this intervention by providing support and instruction in language arts or by providing an activity that will extend learning.  Some activities extend students' current reading achievement and others extend our social curriculum, mathematics and/or the arts.  Activities will rotate throughout the year to provide students with a variety of extension experiences.  Our K-4 grades SRBI/Activity block is from 9:05 - 9:35 daily.  It is important to have good attendance and be on time for this Intervention block.

 In addition, the state's website ( has information regarding SRBI. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact your child's classroom teacher.

The secret of our e-mail addresses

E-mail us!
E-mail us!

Staff e-mail addresses are the the first seven letters of the last name 
(or the entire last name if shorter than seven letters) 
and the first initial of the first name followed by 
For example: